The Crew The Quest For Planet Nine Review

The Crew: The Quest For Planet Nine Review – Board Game Fun

The Crew: The Quest For Planet Nine Review – Board Game Fun

When I first embarked on The Crew: The Quest for Planet Nine review, it wasn’t just another board game to add to my collection. It represented a fresh challenge and a new way to experience trick-taking, a mechanism I’ve loved and loathed in equal measure over my years diving into card games. This game has sparked debate among my friends and me, with some finding it to be a brilliant twist on a classic genre, while others struggled with the non-verbal communication aspect that is central to its gameplay.
This cooperative card game takes players on a space adventure where communication is limited, and each mission feels like deciphering a new puzzle. It’s one of those games that splits opinions, but for me, the journey was filled with learning curves, team strategies, and the sheer joy of accomplishing missions together. Whether you’re a seasoned card game veteran or new to this genre, The Crew offers something unique that might just surprise you.

Diving Into The Gameplay Mechanics

Diving into The Crew: The Quest for Planet Nine, the gameplay mechanics stand out for their innovative twist on traditional trick-taking. This game brings a cooperative dimension to a genre that is typically competitive, requiring players to think differently about how they play their cards.

Overview of Gameplay

At its core, The Crew is a trick-taking game where players work together to win tricks and accomplish various missions. However, what sets it apart is the cooperative element and the challenges that come with limited communication.

  • Players take turns leading a trick by playing a card from their hand.
  • The suit of the first card played becomes the lead suit.
  • Each player must follow the suit of the lead card if they can.
  • The trick is won by the highest card of the lead suit or by a rocket card (which acts as a trump suit).
  • Winning tricks allow the crew to progress through missions, each presenting its own unique set of tasks to complete.

The gameplay involves a delicate balance between strategizing with your crew and navigating the limitations on communication.

The Crew is distinguished by its cooperative gameplay and the challenge of limited communication, requiring a delicate balance between strategy and teamwork to progress through missions.

Setting Up Your Space Adventure

Before you launch into space, setting up The Crew is a straightforward process that requires a bit of organization to ensure a smooth gaming experience.

  • Shuffle all 40 cards and deal them evenly to all players, so each player has a full hand of cards.
  • Place the mission logs and task cards where everyone can see them.
  • Decide who will be the commander for the initial mission, a role that will rotate with each new round.
  • Draw the number of missions you’ll be attempting, which will dictate which tasks need to be achieved to successfully complete the mission.

This setup process is the starting point for every journey you and your crew embark on, making every game a unique challenge.

The Role of Missions and Tasks

In The Crew: The Quest for Planet Nine, missions and tasks are the heart of the game, driving the crew’s objectives and adding layers of strategy and challenge.

Missions Description Difficulty Level
Mission 1 Win specific tricks with certain cards. Easy
Mission 5 Complete tasks in a predetermined order. Moderate
Mission 10 Win tricks without using any rockets. Hard
Mission 50 Achieve a complex combination of tasks. Very Hard

With each mission, the crew faces unique challenges, requiring them to adapt their play style and develop new strategies. The tasks within these missions range from simply winning a trick with a particular card to more complex objectives that test the crew’s cooperation and problem-solving abilities. This dynamic makes The Crew a deeply engaging game that keeps players coming back for more.

The tasks in The Crew: The Quest for Planet Nine range from simple tricks to complex objectives, challenging players to adapt, develop new strategies, and test their cooperation and problem-solving skills.

Analyzing The Crew’s Unique Features

“The Crew: The Quest for Planet Nine” stands out in the vast sea of board games through its innovative blend of traditional trick-taking mechanics and cooperative gameplay, creating a truly unique experience. Its thematic journey into space provides a compelling backdrop for the missions players embark on, further enriching the game’s appeal.

Cooperative Play Dynamics

The cooperative nature of “The Crew” adds a refreshing twist to the trick-taking genre, fostering a sense of teamwork and alliance among players.

  • Working together to complete missions
  • Strategically playing cards to support your team
  • Understanding each player’s role and how to best assist them

This dynamic transforms the solo competition of traditional trick-taking games into a collective challenge, where success depends on mutual support and strategy.

The Challenge of Silent Communication

One of the most intriguing aspects of “The Crew” is the limitation on communication among players. This creates a challenging but rewarding puzzle as players must infer their teammates’ intentions and strategies based on the cards played and the missions at hand.

The silence adds a layer of complexity, forcing players to become more attuned to the gameplay and each other’s tendencies. It’s a test of trust and intuition, as players navigate the constraints to achieve mission success.

Embrace the challenge of limited communication in The Crew as it tests your trust, intuition, and ability to infer your teammates’ strategies, ultimately enhancing your gameplay experience.

Replayability and Scalability

“The Crew” shines in its replayability and scalability, attributes not always found in card games.

  • A vast array of missions ensures that no two games feel the same
  • Adapts well to various player counts, making it versatile for different group sizes
  • The game’s difficulty can be scaled to suit the players’ experience level

Whether you’re looking for a quick game or a prolonged campaign, “The Crew” offers a flexible and engaging experience tailored to different needs and preferences.


1. What makes The Crew: The Quest for Planet Nine stand out from other cooperative games?

What stands out about “The Crew: The Quest for Planet Nine” from other cooperative games is its unique combination of trick-taking mechanics with a cooperative mission-driven narrative. Unlike many cooperatives, “The Crew” involves silent communication and strategy within the trick-taking framework, making it a distinctly innovative gaming experience.

2. Can The Crew be played with two players?

Yes, “The Crew” can be played with two players. Although traditionally designed for three to five players, “The Crew” includes a special set of rules for two-player gameplay that provides a compelling challenge, making it adaptable and enjoyable for smaller groups.

3. How difficult are the missions in The Crew?

The difficulty of missions in “The Crew” varies significantly. It introduces newcomers gently but ramps up to offer considerable challenges to seasoned players. Every mission brings something new to the table, ensuring that players must adapt and strategize effectively to succeed.

4. Are there any expansions or sequels to The Crew: The Quest for Planet Nine?

Yes, there is a sequel titled “The Crew: Mission Deep Sea” which brings a new depth to the gameplay with different themes and challenges. This sequel adds fresh layers of strategy and intrigue, keeping the core mechanics that fans love while exploring new narrative facets.


Reflecting on “The Crew: The Quest for Planet Nine” review, it’s evident that the game occupies a unique niche in the board game universe. With its blend of cooperative play, trick-taking, and silent communication, it offers a refreshing challenge that stands out in a crowded field. Whether you’re a seasoned trick-taking aficionado or new to the genre, there’s something truly special about rallying a crew to explore the mysteries of space. What has been your most memorable mission in playing “The Crew”? Let’s continue to share and cherish these gaming journeys together.

Goodbye ’till next time, and may your space adventures be filled with teamwork and triumph.


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