Is Villainous A Good Game?

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The villain rounds a corner and then suddenly finds themself fighting against a group of heroes who all know their weaknesses. Villainous is an excellent game when you have several friends and a few hours to enjoy a good time. The game can be played within 45 minutes but usually lasts longer as banter and rivalries start to build.

Is Villainous A Hard Game?

Villainous is a game that requires you to read not just the rules of the game but also the way players and competitors behave. Usually, within one playthrough of the game, you will need to read several cards in your own hands and the cards being played against you.

All this reading, strategizing and thinking means that villainous is challenging for children under 11 or 12. Teenagers and adults will find the game challenging at first but will learn the basics within minutes and quickly start playing the game at a pace that suits them all.

It’s important to remember how the game is being played and that you will be actively playing against the other players. Skill levels increase dramatically when playing against others who have played the game before, making the game harder to play for first-time players.

What Do You Need To Know About Villainous?

Villainous is not such an easy game to understand, especially if you will be playing against others with the same skill levels as you. This is why there are a few things that we think you ought to know before making your purchase.

It’s good to be prepared when playing the game as well, with many people rushing into playing a game they don’t understand. If everyone on the board knows why something is funny, but you’re still reading the fine script on a standard card, it can be a bit enthusiasm-breaking.

It’s A Disney Game

The first important thing you need to know about Villainous and its expansions is that it is a Disney game. All of the initial villains are from the classic Disney movies, with each expansion bringing in a new set of villains; this means that many adults will be hit with a wave of nostalgia.

Some of the latest expansions have introduced other Disney universes, such as Marvel, to the game bringing new challenges to overcome. It’s important to remember this as the game does not work with other franchises like the DC universe, as competing companies own these.

It Has Several Expansions

As mentioned earlier, Villainous has several expansions, with the latest being the fifth expansion called Bigger and Badder. The first four expansions are called Wicked to the Core, Evil Comes Prepared, Despicable Plots, and Perfectly Wretched each one bringing new characters and cards.

It’s important to note that the Marvel expansion, called Infinite Power Strategy, is an expansion played independently without the remaining Villainous cast. Each new expansion makes the game so interesting that we recommend a gaming session when you purchase each.


It Has A Total Of 24 Villain Characters

As the Marvel Infinite Power Strategy expansion is on its own, we don’t count their villains as a part of the main game. This means that when you have all the expansions to the game, you will have 21 villains to choose from when playing the game of Villainous against your friends or family. Check our guide to find out which villains are best.

The initial board game has only six villains to choose from, with the following five expansions each bringing in 3 villains from a specific Disney and Pixar era. When you have all the villains, an excellent way to create some delightful chaos is to have a bag of villains, making everything random.

The Goal Of The Game Is To Be Evil

Unlike almost every other board game on earth, the goal of Villainous is to be as evil as possible to gain the overall high ground. You will be playing your cards to advance on your board while your opponents have cards to play against you, causing as many challenges as possible.

So, while playing the game according to the rules, you should also work towards making the game as hard as possible for the other villains. This is often one of the parts that people are playing the game for the first time struggle with, as being a villain goes against everything we are taught.

The Game Is Also A Story

The last and most crucial part of the game of Villainous is that it is not simply a board game to reach the end as fast as possible. The story you are playing through is essential, and as you make decisions, you are also retelling it, creating something unique and special.

By creating a story through the game’s flow, you will be more successful than simply trying to reach the end without caring about why things are happening. We always recommend paying close attention to what is happening in your opponent’s stories, causing trouble when they can least afford it.

How Long Is A Game Of Villainous?

A game of villainous should only be about 45 minutes when playing against other adults and assuming nothing goes wrong. However, in practice, we have found that most games last between one to two hours as you are all arguing, talking, and strategizing with others.

The game is not meant to be rushed through and is a great way to start any evening of board games, with many people not realizing that they can make the game the night’s primary focus. As with all modern board games, enjoying the game and having as much fun as possible with friends is always a better idea.

You may often find that the more fun you and your friends have, the longer the game night lasts, with games dragging on for hours. If you are a group of adults, having a few drinks on hand may also be well worth it to ensure everyone is getting a bit more relaxed.

What Is The Best Player Count With Villainous?

While the limit to how many people can play one game of Villainous is limited to how many villains you have on hand, we recommend that you play with at least 4. While playing with seven people can become a challenge as you spend more time waiting for others to play than playing.

People often have fun with the game when they know the entire turn cycle is enough time to take a drink but not so long to finish it. In general, this is true for most games, as the time a player is idle and unable to do anything fun often determines how fun the overall experience is.

Villainous is a game that can be finished within a few minutes if no one is paying attention and the rules aren’t being followed. Or it can take several hours as just going through one round takes nearly 30 minutes of players awkwardly shuffling around the board.

Final Thoughts

Villainous is one of the games that makes playing board games worth it, as it brings a unique game style to the evening. You will often find that having fun with friends creates some of the most amazing Villainous stories to enjoy.


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