How Long Does Villainous Take To Play?

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Villainous is an epic board game where players take control of an iconic Disney villain and strive to achieve an equally unique and devious objective. However, many players have wondered how long it takes to play this board game and discover which legendary villain will reign supreme.

The Villainous base game and standalone editions allow up to six players to compete and take between forty minutes and two hours to play. When Villainous expansion packs are played as a standalone game, up to three players can compete, and the game will last between forty minutes and an hour.

We’re going to break down everything you need to know about the playtime of Villainous. Once we’ve discussed how long this thrilling board game takes to play, we’ll outline some great ways of speeding up your playtime!

How Long Does It Take To Play Disney Villainous?

Generally, it will take between 40 and 120 minutes to play the “Disney Villainous: The Worst Takes It All” base game, which up to six players can play at once. This playing time also applies to the standalone Villainous editions, which include “Marvel Villainous: Infinite Power” and “Star Wars Villainous: Power Of The Dark Side.”

Since Villainous can be played with between two and six players, your total playtime will depend on the number of competing players. If you’re playing with a minimum of two players, you’ll be able to reign supreme in less than an hour. However, if you’re playing with a maximum of six players, your game can take up to two hours to complete.

There are also Villainous expansion packs, which can be combined with the base game. Playing with the base game and the Villainous expansion packs does not affect the playtime. Even with the addition of the expansion packs, which each introduce three new villains, only six players can compete per game. Due to this, games will still take between 40 and 120 minutes to complete.

However, it’s important to note that the Villainous expansion packs can also be played independently without the base game. When played as a standalone game, the expansion packs can be played with two or three players. When playing with an expansion pack alone, you’re looking at a playtime between 40 minutes and an hour.

For those who don’t have enough time to play Villainous in person, there are two great options to consider. Firstly, you can play Villainous remotely with friends or family by following the remote play instructions. However, there are also a few tips to speed up your overall playtime for quicker Villainous games!

Can You Play Disney Villainous Remotely?

One of the best aspects of Disney Villainous is that the board game can be played remotely with friends and family. All you need is a smartphone/webcam and the remote play instructions, which can be found on the official Ravensburger website. Playing remotely is a great way to fit in a game anywhere, anytime. The following YouTube video explains how to play Villainous remotely!

5 Tips To Play Disney Villainous Faster

While board games are great fun, many players wish their favorite games could be played faster. Despite Villainous’ relatively short playtime compared to other board games, a few tips can be followed to play this devious game even faster!

#1: Understand The Villainous Rules

Interrupting your game of Villainous to read cards or check the official rules can slow down your game. In fact, this can break the flow of your game and cause players to lose their focus. If you want to play fast, you need to internalize the game’s rules.

A better understanding of the Villainous rules and game mechanics will allow you to assist newer players who are finding their feet. Knowing the Villainous rules before you start playing can save a lot of time usually wasted reading the rules during the game.

#2: Organize Villainous Game Components

With the Villainous base game, players receive 6 villain movers, 6 boards, 6 villain guides, 180 villain cards, 90 fate cards, 84 tokens, and 6 reference cards. Disney Villainous expansion packs also add more game components into the mix.

When preparing for a sinister round of Villainous, unorganized game components will slow you down. To avoid this, you should properly organize your game components by type. Overall, this will speed up your playtime as you and your friends battle it out!

#3: Plan During Your Opponent’s Turn

While this is a tip many board game enthusiasts are aware of, it’s one of the most important tips. However, with more players, the game may change significantly by the time it’s your turn again. Despite this, you should use your opponent’s turns to reflect on the state of the game board.

You can start by checking which game components you currently have, those you need to acquire, and what you need to do to win the game. With more practice, you’ll be able to focus on what your opponents are trying to do. You just might be able to foil their plans on your way to victory!

#4: Keep Your Villain’s Objectives In Mind

With Disney Villainous, each legendary wrongdoer has a unique objective that must be completed to win the game. To speed up your playtime, you should always keep your character’s objective in mind. Ultimately, the only way to reign supreme is to fulfill this objective as fast as possible!

#5: Play Villainous More Frequently

Playing Villainous more frequently is the best way to positively impact your speed of play. Naturally, a player who has only played Villainous a handful of times will play slower than a regular player. Ultimately, playing more often will increase your skill level and allow you to play Villainous even faster!

Final Thoughts

With the Disney Villainous base game and standalone editions, which support up to six players, it will take between 40 minutes and two hours to complete a game. However, when Villainous expansion packs are played as a standalone two- or three-player game, the game can be completed in under an hour.