Gloomhaven Cragheart Guide: Stop Enemies In Their Tracks

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Dealing damage, stunning enemies, healing allies, and laying traps. The Cragheart does it all! It’s a jack of all trades that forces enemies to play to its tune while dealing wide-spread area damage to any in its path. Follow the guide below for everything you need to use the Cragheart to its fullest potential.

Make it impossible for enemies to get close with the Cragheart’s bag of tricks. Learn to harness Cragheart’s abilities with our Gloomhaven Cragheart guide.

Cragheart Overview

The Cragheart is another class that is a master of none and a jack of all trades. It deals decent damage but tends to focus most of its attention on obstructing enemies with obstacles and using those obstacles to cause damage.

In the right situations, the Cragheart will let you deal a severe amount of damage and clear rooms with the right combos. It uses effects like PUSH, STUN, and IMMOBILIZE to keep enemies at bay and make your party members” ranged attacks even more effective. It is incredibly flexible and can play like a different character with different builds.

Cragheart Card Overview

The Cragheart has a decent card pool of 30 cards, with 14 level 1 cards to choose from. The Cragheart’s stamina is average amongst its peers but doesn’t have too many loss effects, slightly raising its stamina.

Most of Cragheart’s cards focus on area-of-effect damage, usually with additional helpful effects to frustrate and slow down its enemies. The only weakness the Cragheart’s cards suffer from is the undesirable middling initiative scores. Most of them sit squarely in the middle, sometimes making it difficult to get effective plays out of them.

Starting Cards

Crater‘s top deals three damage at a range of three. It grants an XP while pushing two enemies at the cost of an earth mana. The bottom deals one damage to all adjacent enemies and allies, lets you move four spaces with JUMP, and repeats the damage to adjacent allies and enemies. The damage can be increased to two at the cost of earth mana.

Unstable Upheaval has a low initiative score of 13. The top deals three damage to adjacent enemies, while using earth mana allows you to target all enemies within a range of two. All adjacent allies also suffer two damage. The bottom grants all allies two Shield at the cost of one damage each and grants two XP.

Forceful Storm‘s top deals three damage to three enemies at a range of three while granting an XP, generating wind mana, and DISARMING the enemies. The bottom adds two damage to your melee attacks this round. The only downside is the average initiative score of 53.

Heaving Swing‘s top does three damage and PUSHES one space. It also allows you to push enemies into obstacles, destroy the obstacle, does two damage, and gain an XP. The bottom adds one damage to your ranged attacks this round, which can do substantial damage when combined with cards that have ranged, area-of-effect attacks.

Dirt Tornado‘s top does ranged, area-of-effect damage of one – two if you sacrifice earth mana – to up to seven enemies. Sacrificing earth mana also applies MUDDLE and grants an XP. The bottom allows you to move three spaces. Pairing this card with those that increase its damage can make the top unbelievably helpful.

Avalanche has a top that deals four damage to two adjacent targets next to each other and lets you add one damage and gain an XP at the cost of an earth mana. The bottom creates two single-hex obstacles in adjacent empty hexes, which is tricky to use. This is another excellent card to combine with a damage-increasing effect.

Rumbling Advance’s initiative score is 29, the second lowest at level one. The top heals four points at a range of two and generates earth mana. The bottom lets you move two spaces, does one damage to adjacent allies and enemies, and generates earth mana. The bottom is an excellent way to reposition and do damage simultaneously.

Earthen Clod‘s top deals two damage at a range of five and, at the cost of earth mana, applies IMMOBILIZE and grants one XP. The bottom heals two points at range three. This card is helpful, but the initiative score makes it challenging to play well.

Massive Boulder’s top deals three damage at a range of three, with enemies and allies adjacent to the target suffering one damage. Paired with other cards that add targets or increase damage to your attack can lead to massive enemy casualties. The bottom allows you to move four spaces which is better than average for a level one card.

Backup Ammunition has a top that adds a target to your following four ranged attacks. The high initiative score makes playing it tricky at 77, but it is still reasonably useful. The bottom allows you to move three spaces. Combining this card with heavy-hitting effects can severely damage enemies. Still, you should ensure you don’t waste any of the opportunities.

Crushing Grasp is best used in combination with movement effects to deal damage, IMMOBILIZE the enemy, and get out of the way for the next round. Its top deals three damage applies IMMOBILIZE and generates earth mana. The bottom lets you loot one. The 35 initiative score also makes this card challenging to use all the time properly.

Nature’s Lift’s top heals two points on two targets at a range of three, which is alright, but sacrificing the top for a heal is not ideal. The bottom is a situational effect and not the most useful. It adds two ranges to your next six ranged attacks when wind mana is available by sacrificing the mana. As a Cragheart, you’ll already have a decent range on most of your cards.

Rock Tunnel’s top allows you to destroy one adjacent obstacle. The bottom allows you to move five spaces with JUMP and IMMOBILIZE all targets you have moved through, also granting an XP. The bottom can be helpful in certain situations, but the top, along with the initiative score of 41, drags this card down.

Opposing Strike is best used in small parties. Its top deals three damage to two adjacent enemies on opposite sides of your character. The bottom adds two Retaliate to the subsequent six melee attacks that target you. This card’s use is limited by its specificity and initiative score of 46. Effectively, you’ll need to be between two enemies to use the top effect while taking damage because of your initiative.

Level 2

Explosive Punch’s top destroys one adjacent obstacle and deals four damage to all enemies adjacent to the destroyed obstacle. It grants two XP and generates earth mana, which is at least somewhat useful. The bottom lets you move four spaces. The initiative score is why you’ll want this card. It can create opportunities to deal good damage.

Sentient Growth’s top deals two damage at a three-range to three possible enemies. It also heals allies by two points if in the area of effect, which should allow you to heal six points. Unfortunately, this card requires there to be at least one enemy targeted. So, at most, you can heal four points. The bottom moves you two spaces, heals adjacent allies by one point, and deals one damage to adjacent enemies.

Explosive Punch wins the pick for level two, though neither card is excellent. You should replace Crushing Grasp at this point. Its effects, while alright, leave much to be desired, and the initiative score drops its usefulness even more.

Level 3

Blunt Force’s top deals four damage and grants one XP. You can add another four and gain two XP using earth mana, which is some significant damage. The bottom lets you move four spaces and Retaliate one on yourself, granting an XP.

Clear the Way is a highly situational card. The top lets you move an adjacent obstacle to an empty hex within a range of four and deal two damage to all enemies adjacent to the obstacle after it’s moved. You can add one damage and gain an XP for an earth mana. The bottom lets you move five spaces with JUMP, destroy all obstacles, and disarm all traps in your path, gaining two XP.

Without much suspense, Blunt Force is the better card. Earthen Clod can be removed at this stage because its initiative score and low damage make it less useful than your other cards. Blunt Force does more damage and allows your character to move two spaces, while the Retaliate can be helpful sometimes.

Level 4

Kinetic Assault’s top lets you move one space and deal four damage. The bottom grants three Retaliate at a range of three and two XP. The low initiative score is good, and the bottom is decent for a level four card.

Rock Slide is an excellent card with a high initiative score of 81. The top lets you place three single-hex obstacles in empty spaces within a range of four. It deals two damage to all allies and enemies adjacent to the obstacles while granting you earth mana and an XP. The bottom lets you move six in a straight line.

Rock Slide is the easy winner at level four. You can replace Avalanche with Rock Slide to keep your loss effects to a minimum. Rock Slide can deal a lot of damage and make it difficult for enemies to get close.

Level 5

Stone Pummel’s top deals three damage and applies MUDDLE to four possible adjacent enemies. The bottom allows you to destroy an adjacent obstacle for an added three damage on your next four melee attacks. It requires your character to be in the middle of four enemies, which is not where you want to be.

Petrify’s top kills a normal enemy within a range of four and lets you create a single-hex obstacle in its place. It grants earth mana and two XP. The bottom lets you move three and IMMOBILIZE all adjacent enemies. At higher levels, this card could be an excellent card to have.

You’ll want to replace Crater for level 5. But instead of taking Stone Pummel or Petrify, you should take Kinetic Assault from level 4. Kinetic Assault has the potential for massive damage at higher levels, while Crater is better at lower levels.

Level 6

Dig Pit’s top lets you create one STUN trap that does two damage in an adjacent empty space and adds MUDDLE to all adjacent enemies. The bottom lets you move two spaces, applying INVISIBLE to yourself. Overall, it’s not very helpful and is highly situational.

Cataclysm’s top deals four damage to six spaces but can add two damage if an earth mana is used. It adds IMMOBILIZE to all allies and enemies in the target area. The bottom allows you to move three spaces and another three if you use earth mana. This card can do some crazy damage if played correctly.

Level 6 presents another easy decision, with Cataclysm coming out on top. It damages a group of enemies and applies IMMOBILIZE with an initiative score of 26. You can replace Explosive Punch. Both the top and bottom of Cataclysm are better than Explosive Punch.

Level 7

Brutal Momentum’s top deals three damage and PUSHES two, dealing two extra damage and granting an XP for each space the enemy cannot be pushed. The bottom adds one damage to all your ranged attacks this round. You can use earth mana to increase this to two damage and gain an XP.

Meteor’s top creates a three-hex obstacle in an empty space within a range of three. It also deals four damage and applies IMMOBILIZE to all enemies adjacent to the target, granting you earth mana and two XP in the process. The bottom lets you move four spaces with JUMP. The low initiative score makes this a decent card.

Brutal Momentum wins the level 7 slot because of its potential for seven damage and because it increases ranged damage. You can replace Heaving Swing with Brutal Momentum because it’s a better version of the same card.

Level 8

Rocky End’s top destroys all obstacles within a range of two and deals damage equal to the number of obstacles destroyed. You can increase the range by one and gain an XP using earth mana. The bottom lets you move six as long as you end up adjacent to an obstacle. The 37 initiative score brings this card down quite a bit.

Lumbering Bash’s top lets you move two, attack five, generate earth mana, and gain an XP. The bottom lets you heal two points at the start of your next five turns. It has a high initiative score, and the bottom doesn’t have a significant effect at higher levels.

You can choose Lumbering Bash for your level 8 card, as Rocky End may have the potential for a lot of damage, but it also has the potential to be useless. Lumbering Bash can replace Kinetic Assault simply because the top effect is an upgrade.

Level 9

Pulverize’s top deals three damage and pushes all adjacent targets two spaces into hexes with obstacles. The obstacles are destroyed, and the enemies suffer two damage while you gain an XP. The bottom deals two damage to adjacent enemies, lets you move five with JUMP, and deals another three damage to adjacent enemies.

Blind Destruction is much better with a top that deals four damage at a range of four, damaging all allies and enemies adjacent to the target by the same amount. The bottom lets you move four spaces, damaging allies and enemies adjacent to the hexes you passed.

You should take Blind Destruction for level 9, as it has the potential to deal decent damage to many enemies at once with both the top and bottom. Pulverize is a double-loss card with average effects, making it less valuable than some other cards. You can replace Massive Boulder with Blind Destruction this time.

Cragheart Perks

Craghearts deal damage while making it difficult for enemies to retaliate. Obstacles and area-of-effect damage are your friends, so choosing the perks that maximize your damage is best. You should prioritize removing negative multipliers, so the first perks you should choose are:

  • Replace a -1 card with a +1 card (take three times)
  • Add one +2 MUDDLE (take twice)
  • Add one +1 IMMOBILIZE card
  • Ignore negative item effects
  • Remove four +0 cards
  • Ignore negative scenario effects

After you have chosen these perks, you can choose the rest of the perks the Cragheart offers in any order you think will be most effective. The rest of the perks available to you are as follows:

  • Add one -2 card and two +2 cards
  • Add two PUSH 2 cards
  • Add two earth mana cards (available twice)
  • Add two wind mana cards

Cragheart Enhancements

Enhancements improve or add to the effects of your cards, but they cost money so use them wisely.

  • Add CURSE to Dirt Tornado’s top
  • Add +1 move to Rumbling Advance’s bottom
  • Strengthen Blunt Force’s bottom

Cragheart Items

Items are a great way to boost some of your stats, especially at lower levels. They can cover weaknesses and further boost your character’s strengths. They can be bought in town or found during scenarios.

  • Eagle-Eye Goggles
  • Minor Stamina Potion
  • Hide Armor
  • Boots of Striding
  • Piercing Bow

Final Thoughts

The Cragheart is an average damage dealer, focusing mainly on spreading damage over as many enemies as possible, even if that means damaging allies in the process. It uses obstacles to its advantage to obstruct and damage enemies as it moves through scenarios. Depending on your play style, the Cragheart is a force to be reckoned with in small and large parties.