Venture Capital Board Game Review

Players: 2-6
Duration on box: 15 minutes
Time to learn: 5 minutes


Game Description/Game play

Venture Capital is a light fifteen minute bidding game. Players each have a hand of fifteen cards numbered 1-15 that represent currency. Each card is played one time over the course of fifteen rounds. Each round, a Startup card is turned face up. Each player chooses one card from their hand to bid on this card. Startup cards have various point values and categories (App, Service, Gadget). The player with the highest non-tied bid takes the card. Play continues until all Startup cards have been bought and points are scored based on the values on your Startup cards. Players also gains points from the categories on cards by counting the number of cards in each category and squaring that number. The players with the most points wins. 



Venture Capital is a light bidding game. The game was fast and easy to learn. While our group didn't dislike that game, it also didn't excite us a lot. We did play a prototype of the game so it did lack some artwork but the game play and rules were finalized. If your favorite type of game is bidding, I'd recommend taking a look into this game. 


  • fast game play
  • easy to learn


  • review copy lacked artwork


Gateway Game Score: 8/10

Overall Rating: 6/10