Trash Pandas Board Game Review

Publisher: Gamewright & Red Rook Games
Players: 2-4
Duration on box: 15-20 minutes
Age recommended on box: 8+
Time to learn: 5 minutes


Game Description/Game play

Trash Pandas is a dice rolling and hand management game. Players use a die to push their luck to gain more cards. Cards must be stashed facedown on the table to be counted for points. Each player is dealt a number of cards depending on play order. On your turn, you begin by rolling a die. Each side of the die has a different symbol allowing you to take a different action. Draw or stash a card, draw two cards, steal a random card from an opponent's hand, draw and reveal a card allowing other players to stash that card, stash two cards or recycle any one of the previous actions aka a wild. Players can roll the die as many times as they would like, taking the corresponding token with each roll. Players must choose when to stop rolling because if the same symbol is rolled twice, they bust and no actions are carried out. Provided a player decides to stop before they bust, they begin to carry out their actions. They can be resolved in any order. Cards have actions on them as well as points.  Cards can be stashed to gain points but can also be used for their action to manipulate play. Players can use as many action cards as they would like on their turn. They are discarded to the center of the table. After all tokens are resolved and desired action cards played, the tokens are pushed to the center of the table and play passes to the left. 

Play continues around the table until the last card from the deck is drawn. This triggers the end of the game and is the last turn. All remaining hand cards are discarded. Points are calculated by adding the total number of each card type. The player with the most cards of each type receives the point value on the trophy symbol. The player with the second most cards, scores the point value on the coin symbol. And the player with the third most cards, scores the point value one the pipe symbol. Total points are added up and the player with the most points is pronounced the winner! 



We absolutely adored this sweet little game. The artwork is adorable. We loved that we could play it with just about any aged gamer. It'd be great for young kiddos all the way to grandparents. The rules are very simple and easy to explain. Members of our group rushed to buy this game as soon as we had completed our first game. It's is simply a great family game that plays in a short amount of time and keeps everyone happy. Nonstop Tabletop highly recommends purchasing Trash Pandas!


  • Lighthearted and and easy to learn
  • Adorable Trash Pandas!
  • Great for all ages


  • Not for the serious gamer or the unlucky die roller

Gateway Game Score: 10/10

Overall Rating: 10/10