The Last Garden Board Game Review

Publisher: One Thousand XP
Players: 2-4
Duration on box: 30-45 minutes
Age recommended on box: 13+
Time to learn: 10 minutes


Game Description/Game play

The Last Garden is a game that takes place in a post apocalyptic world. One woman, the Queen, has survived the world's demise. She is determined to create some beauty in the now ugly world that has been created. She has decided to reprogram robots she has found. She programs the Robotanists to turn metal and rare gems into artificial flowers and trees. The Last Garden is a worker placement style game in which players control a group of Robotanists that strive to recreate the Queen's ultimate childhood garden. The game is played over a number of rounds depending on the number of players. Each round is carried out over four steps.

In step one, players build the garden by playing a program card and placing their Robotanists. Program cards allow players to place or move gems, or change sector dies. The garden is divided into six sectors each with a die.  At the beginning of the game, each sector is numbered 1-6. The programs cards are numbered 1-6 and when played the cards actions correlate to the matching sector. After a player has manipulated the board using a program card, they place a Robotanist. There are four places to place Robotanists, The Garden, The Mines, The Workshop, or The Lab. The Garden, Mines and Workshop allow players to occupy sectors, gain control of gems, or gain program boosts to use in a future turn. 

Step two, releases Lab Robotanists. The Robotants now get take an extra move and place their Robotanist on an unclaimed area. Step three is where points, or Favor Cogs, are earned. These are earned in places on the board, The Workshop, The Garden and The Mines by placing Robotanists in step one. The number of Favor Cogs earns is a bit like gambling and can be manipulated by other players. In the final step, step four, players return all of their program cards to the deck and each player is dealt a new hand. Robotanists are collected from the board and the next round begins. After the last round has been completed, the player with the most Favor Cogs has created the most beautiful garden and pleases the Queen, claiming victory. 

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The Last Garden was absolutely loved by our group! The game components are amazing... ROBOT MEEPLES and GEMS! One of the biggest surprises we discovered while playing the game is the viciousness. We all expected a sweet game of creating a garden using robots and beautiful gems. While this was true, it also had a very aggressive component. If you are a person that struggles with "Take That!" in a game, you may want to avoid. We definitely loved that aspect and can't wait to play again.

The game has great components that fit the game and theme well. The rulebook is well laid out and easy to understand. This game was a bit deep for the newbie at our table but after a few rounds, she had the hang of it and wasn't afraid to attack her neighbor. If worker placement is your thing, Nonstop Tabletop would definitely recommend The Last Garden. We can't wait to get it to the table again!


  • GEMS!!
  • Easy to understand rulebook


  • Aggressive play may not be for everyone

Gateway Game Score: 7/10

Overall Rating: 10/10