The Greatest Snake Board Game Review

Players: 3-4
Duration on box: 30 minutes
Age recommended on box: not on the box but I'd recommend 8+
Time to learn: 5 minutes


Game Description/Game play

The Greatest Snake is a card laying hand management game. Players begin by creating their snake, head, fashionable body, and tail using three cards. Each player is dealt one card.  There are three types of cards, rat cards, equipment cards and power cards. Rat cards are placed on your snake's head... in hopes of being digested. They are also played immediately upon drawing. Equipment cards are used to give your snake special abilities. They must be laid on body segment sections of your snake. Some of these cards have constant effects while other require a cost and can be used at anytime during the game. These cards can go to you hand for later use or played on your turn. Power cards give your snake a special single use power. You keep them in your hand until you need them. They can be played at anytime. Some of these cards require your snake to sleep, in which your turn your snake head over showing a sleeping snake. 

There are five phases to each player's turn. A turn begins by waking up a sleeping snake if needed. Next draw a card. Maximum hand size is seven cards. If a rat card was drawn, it is immediately placed on your snake's head. If you are unable to place the snake on the head, perhaps to due to a rat already being there, it goes to the Pit. Next everyone playing has a chance to use their snakes abilities or power cards in their hand. These cards can cause other snakes to vomit, disable effects, move rats in digestion etc... they cause quite a bit of mishap! After everyone is finished, all snakes digest their rats by moving rat cards one segment closer to the tail. If a rat is lucky enough to make it past the tail segment, it becomes a part of the body moving the tail segment out and turning the rat card over to reveal a body segment. The first player to grow their hungry snake to seven segments of length wins the game. 


This game is HILARIOUS! From the rule book, to the artwork, and the flavor text on each card! Not only did we loving drawing the cards for the purpose of the game but also to see what else was going to show up. There are some great references to Star Wars, Pokemon, and many other great movies. Our group loved this game because it was appropriate for all ages, whether we were playing with adults or with our kids we all found something we could enjoy. The kids did struggle a bit with keeping their cards nice and neat but it was easily correctable. The rules were easy to understand and great for beginners. If your group enjoys light card games and isn't afraid of snakes, this is a great game to check out!


  • Easy to learn
  • HILARIOUS references
  • Great for all ages


  • Can be a bit messy with stacking and moving cards


Gateway Game Score: 10/10

Overall Rating: 8/10