The Abandons Board Game Review

Publisher: Puzzling Pixel Games
Players: 1 player
Duration on box: 5-15 minutes
Age recommended on box: 14+
Time to learn: 5 minutes

Game Description/Game play

The Abandons is solo underground labyrinth adventure. There is a bit of press your luck in this card drafting game. To begin the game, you start with the labyrinth entrance card laid on the table. From here you choose which exit you would like to take. The cost of the exit is marked in diamonds. The cost is paid by drawing this many cards from the deck. Each card is drawn face down. The last card is turned face up and is your new card to place in the labyrinth or any item card.

Item cards are to be collected along your journey. You can choose to play them immediately or save them up. A map card allows you to look ahead in the deck, a bomb can blow up a dead end or a wall and a magical mirror can allow you to return to the entrance and explore a new path. You may also find a set of stairs which allows you to start your journey on a new level or ignore it and continue on your current path. The last item card is a collapse card. This means you must clear your entire path and start fresh. You continue on your path through the labyrinth until you draw the exit card. This means you have managed to escape - congrats! The game may also end if you find yourself in a dead and and are unable to backtrack. This means you are a permanent figure of the labyrinth - yikes!



Nonstop Tabletop loved this light solo play. The rule book and artwork are both great. The rules were easy to understand. The artwork is beautiful. I loved the simplicity of the game while still enjoying a bit of mystery and excitement as the adventure moved on. There is not a lot of strategic and heavy thought with this game. In our opinion, the appropriate age is lower than 14 as there is little to no reading involved. My 9 year old daughter picked it up quickly and it's great beginning solo game for her to try out. If you enjoy a light solo play with a bit of mystery this game is for you!



  • Easy to learn
  • Fast play time
  • Solo play


  • Solo only play


Gateway Game Score: 7/10

Overall Rating: 9/10