Sumtastic Board Game

Designer: David Miles
Players: 1-6
Duration on box: 15 minutes
Age recommended on box: 6+
Time to learn: less than 5 minutes


Game Description/Game play:

Sumtastic is the latest and greatest way to practice math facts! Sumtastic is played on a beautiful wooden board with a grid of numbers. Before starting, all players agree on a target score. It is your goal to reach this number by completing various operations throughout the game. Players roll two dice and add the numbers together to determine the number they much choose on the grid. Next, the player takes a square pieces that covers the area of 9 numbers on the grid. However, the middle is empty allowing one number to show through from the grid. Then a token with an addition, subtraction, multiplication or a free choice symbol, is chosen from a bag. The player must match the token to the symbols on the square, of if a free choice is drawn, they can choose where to put the token. They solve the math problem created and record their answer. Last they adjust their total score and check to see if they have reached the target amount. Play continues until one player reaches the target score and victory is claimed. 



Sumtastic has been a fantastic addition to my house and my classroom! My daughter has loved practicing her facts using this game. It's been so nice enjoying math fact practice. Sadly, it's always been a dreaded time in our house. Who likes to practice flashcards day after day?!?! My students have also really enjoyed this game. I love to see my students motivated and excited about learning. There is no question, that this game will be requested again and again. The rules were simple and easy to understand. This game is great for anyone that is ready for addition and subtraction concepts. Yet, it was easily adjustable for those that need to practice their multiplication and division. 


  • engaging for learners
  • easily adjustable depending on needed practice


  • down time between turns


Educational Game Score: 10/10

Overall Rating: 10/10