Realm Master Board Game

Players: 3-6
Duration on box: 15-90 minutes
Age recommended on box: none (Nonstop Tabletop 10+)
Time to learn: 5 minutes


Game Description/Game play

Realm Master is definitely a game of dice, domination and magic! Prior to starting the game, four lands are randomly chosen to create the Realm. Each land begins and maxes out with a varied number of resources. Resources include health (hearts), gold and banners. Some lands also give special circumstances such as increase an attack. Three buy cards are turn faced up. These cards allow players one time use or keep cards that are used throughout the game. Each influences the game in a different way such as defend and attack. A turn card is turned face up. This cards affect the round in some way, such as +1 to all attacks, distributing resources, or lands gain resources etc. A round is complete after each player takes one turn.

Players begin by choosing their hero and claiming their starting resources. Each hero has a special power that is used throughout the game. On your turn, you roll five dice. Dice rolls allow players to gain health, gold, or banners, and attack opponents. There is also a wild dice faces, which allows players to choose whatever you would like, and a blank side which is means nothing. You are allowed to re-roll any number of dice one time. After your roll, you carry out the dice faces by gaining the resources or attacking opponents. The first player in the game to roll an attack is allowed to enter the Realm, becoming the Realm Master. Upon entering the Realm, they can choose which land to enter, pay the entering cost, and gain one of each available resource in that land. Once a player has entered the Realm, other players can choose to attack them and the Realm Masters health will deteriorate based on the number of swords (attacks) rolled. When the player inside the Realm rolls, their attacks all players outside the Realm. A player can move out of the Realm on their turn, or when attacked. The attacking player can choose to enter the Realm or pass allowing the next player to roll swords to enter the Realm. When starting your turn in the Realm, you can stay in your land and claim one of each resource, enter a new land by paying the entering cost and claiming one of each resources or leaving the Realm. Play continues until one player gains 10 banners or all seventeen turn cards have been used, in which the player with the most banners claims victory. 



Nonstop Table loved Realm Master! This game is very similar to a loved game, King of Tokyo. There were a few tweaks here and there but if you love King of Tokyo, you will definitely love this game. I personally prefer the theme and adjustments of Realm Master. The game was easy to learn and is great for newbie players just entering the hobby. This is a great game to pull out when getting together with experienced or inexperienced game friends. One of the great things we loved about this game is that it held interest for all ages. It's a game we can play with our kids, or just as adults. It also a game, just the kids can play. There are various strategies to take the win so everyone can find their path to victory. We also loved that each game is a bit different. The game comes with six different land boards so each game is different based the combination of lands in play. We give this game two thumbs up and would highly recommend checking it out!



  • easy to learn
  • great family game
  • beautiful artwork


  • might be too similar to King of Tokyo for some
  • not for heavy gamers


Gateway Game Score: 10/10

Overall Rating: 9/10