Peaks Board Game Review

Created by: Alastair Low and Giedre Olsauskaite
Players: 2
Time to learn: 5 minutes


Game Description/Game play

Peaks is a game of both skill and luck. Your goal is to match your board of black and white sided triangles to the middle board before your opponent beats you to it. Players begin by taking turns filling the middle board randomly. On your turn, you roll a die. This determines how many points you have to spend this turn. Each action has a various cost. You can spend your points any way you like:

  • (1 point) turn a piece on your board anticlockwise

  • (1 point) put a piece back in the pile

  • (2 points) tell another player to turn a piece

  • (3 points) take a piece from the pile

  • (3 points) swap a piece on your board with another on your board

  • (4 points) steal a piece from another player to empty space

  • (5 points) swap any 2 pieces between players

  • (6 points) flip the whole middle board


Nonstop Tabletop found this to be a great two player game. There definitely was a bit of luck with the dice rolls and a bit of strategy by using your points in the best way. We enjoyed the freedom to spend the rolled points as we chose. Sometimes our dice rolls left us frustrated with a couple points short from a perfect move. We reviewed a prototype game so the components will be improve be publication. We would have a found a cheat card of the possible moves/point costs very helpful. We love that the game is small and easy to throw in your purse to play over lunch with a friend.


  • small and easy to play anywhere

  • simple and easy rules


  • definitely could have used a reference card for move/cost possibilities


Gateway Game Score: 8/10

Overall Rating: 7/10