The Nonstoppy Award For Best Board Game Twitter Account Goes To...

Another day, more Nonstoppy awards to serve your Board Game Addiction. Without further ado, here are the finalists for the Best Board Game Twitter Account.

Board Game Central (@BoardGaming)

Though not as active as we would like anymore, this handle has a ton of followers and a knack for finding interesting board game related stories and content.

Board Game Quest (@BoardGameQuest)

Board Game Quest

The most awesome logo in all of Twitters Board-Gamey alleyways, Board Game Quest is in the moment with frequent tweets and in-the moment content. Great stuff.

Board Game Hour (@BoardGameHour)

Great at posing discussion and engagement. It's easy to spend many hours with Board Game Hour.

Nonstoppy Runner Up:

Board Games Daily (@BoardgamesDaily)

We like how they roll. If you want volume, follow them right away. There are tons, TONS of articles posted on a daily basis. You could almost waste all of your internet time with this Twitter account alone.

And the Nonstoppy Goes To...



Board Game Geek (@BoardGameGeek)

Board Game Geek

The 800-pound Gorilla of Board Gaming on the web, this Twitter account is linked to mountains of content erupting from a content volcano on a daily (or is it hourly?) basis. These guys know their stuff, and are at the top of the heap for a reason. Congrats on a well-earned win.

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