Llamagedon Board Game Review

Publisher: Endemic Games
Players: 2-5
Duration on box: 10 Minutes
Age recommended on box: 8+
Time to learn: 5 minutes

Game Description/Game play

Llamagedon is card set collection game. A giant meteor is headed right for the planet and the Llamas need to take cover! Each player is dealt a hand of four cards. The cards consist of three general types: shelter cards, resources cards and action cards. After dealing players their cards, the Llamagedon card is placed in the bottom half the draw deck. On your turn you draw the top card from the deck. If it is a shelter card, you must immediately play in front of you. If it is a resource card, you can choose to hang on to it. Two resources cards of the same color must be played simultaneously to count as a shelter. Last you can choose to play an action card from your hand. Action cards cause a variety of events such as attacking another players shelter, drawing additional cards or protecting an already built shelter. Play continues around the table until the Llamagedon card is drawn. At this point, all players at the table must lay any shelter cards, or sets of matching resources cards in their hands. There are two more rounds of play. The person with the most standing shelters is the winner!

There are a couple extra rules that might change your strategy and game play a bit such as a maximum of seven cards in your hand... you can't save up all those resources until the Llamagedon happens. Wild resource cards can be swapped out for the correct resource card by any player on their turn... even if it's not your previously played wild resource card!


QUICK!!! TAKE COVER!!!! These poor llamas are scared for their lives. They all want to find the closest and best shelter they can! Our group loved this light family game. The card rules were simple and easy to understand. The game plays quickly and flows easily. We had a lot of destruction of shelters in our games of play. There was a bit of "take that" to make play fun and exciting but not so much that you felt like you couldn't dish a little back to your opponents. The limited hand size made you lay resource cards you might be saving up. This left a lot of shelters out in the open... soon to be destroyed by others. The wild resource card was also a great addition to the game. We definitely weren't as quick to use it with the possibility of some stealing it and using it to their advantage. If you and your family love to play silly games we recommend Llamagedon. It's great for all ages and is up there on our list!



  • Easy to learn
  • Llamas!
  • Fast and easy mechanics for all ages


  • "Take That" aspect could be too much for sensitive players
  • I mean... if you hate llamas you might light this game... but I'm pretty sure everyone likes Llamas! ;)


Gateway Game Score: 10/10

Overall Rating: 9/10