Kitten Casualty Board Game Review

Game: Kitten Casualty
Publisher: Total Fame LIMITED
Board Game Types: Elimination Style Card Game, Party Game, Strategy
Price: $22

Players: 2-5
Duration: 10+ Minutes
Age: 10+ 
Time to Learn: 5-10 minutes

Kitten Casualty Board Game Review

Kitten Casualty Kitten Lord

Kitten Casualty is a frantic, attacky, player elimination-style card game from Total Fame Limited that recently funded on Kickstarter.  The theme will likely divide players based on their fondness for felines, with some finding it blasphemous and others cathartic. Either way, fluffy is in for a rough ride, as kitty carnage inevitable in this fast-paced game.

Game Description/Gameplay

Players race to eliminate one another and be the last player standing. Various attacks, steals and defenses are used in a scramble to either assemble the five pieces necessary to summon the Kitten Lord and kill another player or reach 500 kitten points to summon the Dark Overlord and (are you sending a theme here?) kill another player. If you're the last one standing after the massacre of meows, you're the winner. 

Like most elimination-style card games, this is fast, light and chaotic. While there is a solid layer of strategy on display, planning tends to be interrupted on every turn as the attacks, steals and kills fly across the table.


Kitten Casualty is fast, fun and chaotic, while maintaining a precarious balance of cute and viscous. Perfectly sized for your purse (or murse), this is a great appetizer for a deeper gaming session, especially when paired with a combat-based main course. You'll kick off the grudges you need for your follow-up game of Risk or Diplomacy, priming the pump for mayhem.


  • Fast, fun and chaotic
  • Cute art and dark humor hit just the right balance
  • Just enough strategy, coupled with a compact size to make it an easy appetizer to bring along
  • If a cat has ever left a hairball in your shoes, this game will offer sweet release


  • Probably won't sustain a whole evening on its own. Definitely appetizer/party game territory There's nothing wrong with that, but don't expect to play for three hours straight
  • Some kitty lovers may take issue with the theme

Gateway Game Score (what's this?) - 7/10
Overall Game Score - 8.5/10

Review by The Happy Strategerist, who thinks cats are best left to Fifi.

What do you think? What side will you take in the epic struggle of cats vs. dogs?