Guardian's Gambit Board Game Review

Players: 2
Duration on box: 10-20 minutes
Age recommended on box: 8+
Time to learn: 5 minutes


Game Description/Game play

Guardian's Gambit is a pocket sized memory combat game. Before playing, players build their own deck of six cards. Four of the cards in each deck are the same and have equal powers. These cards are called guardians. Each player gets to choose two special guardian guards secretly from eight special guardian cards. Each special guardian has a different ability. After each player has chosen their play deck, battle begins.

The first player begins by selecting a guardian from their hand to make an attack or use its special ability. When attacking, the player points at an opponents card using their guardian card. The opponent checks to see if the attack was successful. If the opponents guardian was defeated, it is moved to the graveyard (the card is placed between the ring and pinky finger). If the attack is blocked, the attacking guardian returns to it's same position in the deck. If the attacking guardian is destroyed, it is moved to its graveyard. Play continues back and forth between players until someone is defeated. Victory is claimed by the player to win five rounds. 



Guardian's Gambit is a must buy if you are someone that likes to play games on the go. We loved that this game is pocket sized and is playable literally anywhere, in a car, on a plane, at home on the couch, really it's limitless.  We also loved the bit of strategy involved in choosing and placing your guardians in your deck combined with the memory aspect of locating and attacking your opponents guardians. Nonstop Tabletop enjoyed playing Guardian's Gambit. Our family spends a lot of hours in the car and this game will definitely get it's play time our big trips. 


  • Pocket sized
  • Requires no table space
  • Fast and easy to learn
  • Simple and intriguing artwork


  • Theme might not be of interest to everyone

Gateway Game Score: 8/10

Overall Rating: 8/10