Coder Bunnyz Board Game

Players: 1-4
Duration on box: 10-20 minutes
Age recommended on box: 4+
Time to learn: 5 minutes


Game Description/Game play:

Coder Bunnyz is an educational STEM game that works on computer coding skills. Players begin by choosing their bunny color and deck. The first player chooses the location that all bunnies will race to. On your turn, you roll a dice. The number rolled is the number of cards you play from your deck. Each card has a basic or advance move on it, forward, left, right, jump, repeat or function (allows a sequence of cards). You must be the first player to move your bunny around the board and reach the desired location in the center of the board. 

The game has many variations which allows for all levels of players to enjoy the game. Carrots can be added to the board, which must be collected before reaching the location. Obstacles such as puddles and fences also block players from moving quickly. Advanced cards can be added, which allow players to repeat their moves and function cards allow player to create a string of moves. There are also Bug-FixIt tokens which allows players to retract some already played moves. 


Coder Bunnyz is a great educational game. The game is sure to interest players of all ages and develops skills such as strategic thinking, problem solving and sequencing. Nonstop Tabletop loved that the game can be varied in so many ways. This allows for the game to grow with the player, and also is great for a school setting with a variety of ages. We loved that the developer of the game is an inspiring learner and developer herself.

While Coder Bunnyz is a great educational game, it is not a board game that will come out with adults only. It is definitely kid focused. We definitely enjoyed playing this game with our children. A couple of us are teachers by day and had a great time sharing with out students as well. They were begging for more and can't wait for the next day of Coder Bunnyz!


  • great for many age levels
  • easily adjustable
  • develops many educational skills


  • focused towards educational learning
  • not for a typical board game group


Educational Game Score: 7/10