Avertigos Board Game Review

Game: Avertigos: South China Sky (2018)
Publisher: Playware Hobbies
Designer: Siddharth Jain
Price: $43

Players: 2-5
Duration: 30-180 minutes
Age: 12+
Time to Learn: 30+ minutes

Avertigos Board Game Review

Steampunky and lethal!

Steampunky and lethal!


Game Description

Avertigos is a unique mashup that lands (no pun intended) somewhere between a tabletop miniatures game and traditional board game. Using modular miniatures and player boards, it uses a steampunky aesthetic and 3D "floating" miniatures to set the stage for some epic aerial battles.


Play begins by setting the size of the play area with corner markers. Next players choose their ship and module cards. Module cards are drafted until each players has the required number modules to add to their ship. The number of modules depends upon the type of ship chosen. Ships are then built based on the modules bought by each player. Players must then calculate initiative. This determines the order which players move their ships or take actions. The players initiative determines who goes first in the game while the ship’s initiative is determined by the height of the ships.

Play begins by dealing each player three movement cards. The player with the highest initiative goes second giving them the advantage of seeing the other player move in the movement phase. There are simple and advanced type play modes. Players place cards in a specific order based on card color. Card give placers bonuses or set backs depending on the card.

Cards also allow players to turn or force players to make straight movements. The number of cards played depends on the players' speed. Players can change their height by adjusting their speed during the movement phase. Players can also climb, swoop or dive to outmaneuver their opponent. After each player has taken a movement action, play moves into the action phase.

In the action phase, the player with higher initiative goes first. Players can use actions cubes to maneuver their ship, load and fire weapons, and make repairs. Rounds continue until one player is eliminated or five rounds are completed.  


The original Silver Surfer?

The original Silver Surfer?

Avertigos is fast-paced and action-packed. Players must strategically make the best moves to outsmart their opponent and stay on top.  Deeper than your average gateway game, it should be avoided by those who only enjoy only lighter games. The theme and movement offer something new and exciting to experienced players who enjoy a bit of strategic planning and friendly player combat. Make some room; Avertigos belongs on your want to play list! Check out the official Kickstarter Campaign.

Gateway Game Score: 4/10
Overall Rating: 8/10


  • Cool components
  • Fun action/movement game play
  • AIRSHIPS!!!!
  • Amazing art work
  • Manual has strong visuals


  • Can be confusing to learn

Board Game Review by Admiral Annamous

Note - Avertigos was reviewed from the Skirmish game play perspective. The objective of the Skirmish game is to win the maximum number of rounds based on the number of competitors. Skirmish play varies depending on the mode you choose to play. There are three different modes to choose from, Domination, Faction and Gambler’s.

In Domination Skirmish, players fight to win the maximum number of rounds. In Faction Skirmish, players divide into two teams and choose one of the available factions to start each round. Players try to wipe out their opponents fleet of ships. Gambler’s Skirmish is played in addition to one of the previous two Skirmish modes. This mode adds the rule the players begin with an amount of coins they must spend to acquire the Ships.