Arena: The Contest Board Game Review

Publisher: Dragori Games
Players: 1-8
Duration on box: 45-90 minutes
Age recommended on box: 14+
Time to learn: 15 minutes

Game Description/Game play

Dragori Games created a Arena: the Contest. This game can be played in three ways, competitive, cooperative and campaign mode. The options of play allows for varied number of players and hours of replayability. In Competitive mode, teams take turns in a tactical combat play style using miniatures. Players fight until one Hero defeats everyone else. In cooperative mode, players recruit Heroes onto their team. Each Hero is an expert in combat and players create unique fighting combinations to out strategize their opponents. Heroes are used to take on quests which range from problems, hazards and new goals. Completing the quests earns experiences points which in turn level up your cards and Heroes. There is also Campaign mode. Players travel around the world and complete objectives. The individual games build off of one another as you move through the campaign.


The game was a bit out of our traditional review style. With that being said, this a great combat game. The different modes allows you to play in various ways which keep the game exciting and interesting. If you enjoy getting your fight on, this game may be for you. Unfortunately, the prototype did not come with miniatures so we cannot comment on those. However, the art that was presented in the prototype was very intriguing. Hero mats were nicely designed and laid in a way that easy to understand. There are also a couple player aid cards to refer to while playing which was nice. Once you've got the hang of the game, the QUICKSTART guide was nice to refer to. The rule book is nicely laid out and easy to navigate through. 

Nonstop Tabletop would recommend this game to players that enjoy tactical miniature combat games. While Arena: the Contest isn't out typical style game, it plays nicely and will definitely be loved in the right players hands!


  • Nice player board components
  • Intriguing artwork


  • Theme may not be for everyone.

Gateway Game Score: 5/10

Overall Rating: 8/10