Battle for Sularia + Expansions Board Game Review

Battle for Sularia


Publisher: Punch-It Entertainment LLC
Players: 2+
Duration on box: 30 minutes
Age recommended on box: 14+
Time to learn: 20-30 minutes
Price: Unavailable

Game Description/Game Play


Battle for Sularia is played over multiple rounds. Players battle until death. The base game comes with two factions, Jotune and Synthien. A single boxed game is playable with two players. However, with multiple boxed sets, players can be added to play in teams. Player decks are uniquely constructed with a 60/90 point system. Decks have a minimum of 60 cards and cannot exceed 90 construction points. This point system allows players to construct their own decks and increase replay-ability.  


Players use their decks to battle for influence and sularium. Influence is used to build sites, which later generate sularium. Sularium is used to deploy combatants that will attack your opponent. The game is played for multiple rounds. Each player begins with twenty five health points. A turn has seven phases in which players play cards to their hidden zone, influence row, site site, and combatant zone to fight for glory. Players continues through the seven phases until either one player runs out of cards in their deck or one players health is depleted to zero.


Blood, Profit and Glory Expansion: The Mercenaries are here to help! This expansion puts a few new keywords to play; Bounty, Quick and Berserker. Bounty allows you to attack with your Bounty value but in exchange your opponent attacks with their attack value. Quick allows you to deploy your combatants reset which allows them to have their normal abilities. Berserker allows a player to declare their attack and permanently increase their attack and defense by one. A Warrior characteristic is also introduced to Jotune. It does not add a lot by itself but when coupled with other cards affect the game in powerful ways. These give a few added rules to play to intensify your combatants. 

Reign of Terror Expansion: This expansion adds two new factions to the mix. Players can now choose from the original Jotune and Synthien factions or the added Protoan and Exsularian factions. Both factions added something new and different to the game. The Protaon faction are powerful original inhabitants of Sularia. These creates have been experimented on and become bio-weapons. They are seeking revenges and desire to reclaim their world. Exsularian were exiled from Jotune long ago. They have to claim control of their battleground by using strategic and tactical advantages to over power their opponents. 


This game pushed our comfort limits just a bit. This is not a typical theme or game play of our group. With that being said, this game was easy to learn and we found ourselves enjoying something new. The base game itself plays nicely with two players. The cards are easy to under and have a little but of flavor text to build story and interest.  Both of expansions add even more to the game. The options to build your deck with 60/90 point system, along with the two expansions allows for endless replay-ability.

Nonstop Tabletop would recommend this game if you are into combat deck building and hand management games. Our group enjoyed stretching out of our comfort zone and learning Battle for Sularia.


Kickstarter: Reign of Terror: Protoan Faction


  • Great rule book
  • Detailed artwork


  • The theme may not appeal to everyone

Gateway Game Score: 6/10

Overall Rating: 8/10