Publisher: IDW Games
Players: 2-6
Duration on box: 45 minutes
Age recommended on box: 10+
Time to learn: 5 minutes
Price: $21.49

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Game Description/Gameplay 

Warning: This review may leave you craving pizza. Nonstop Tabletop is not required to fulfill this craving!

Gameplay begins by dividing into two teams: the Turtles and the Villains. Characters are divided among the teams. The Turtles are obviously, Mikey, Raph, Donnie and Leo while the Villains are Bebop and Rocksteady. There are a few Allys that do not take turns, April, Casey, Master Splinter and Angel Bridge. Character cards are passed out. These cards give information about each characters required moves, attack, defense and tile laying abilities. They also give each character a special power. 

Play begins with the turtles. Team Turtle chooses which character to go first. This character must moves as designated on their character card and place the required number of tiles. Play continues with the Villains taking a turn completing the same requirements. Plays goes back and forth until all characters have been exhausted (card is turned face down after each turn) on each team in which all characters are refreshed and turn face up. If at the start of your turn you are on the same tile or adjacent tile as an opponent you must choose to flee (boring!) and take part in a SHOWDOWN! In a showdown, players roll dice to attack and defend their character. Turtles are allowed to fight together while Villains are not. The SHOWDOWN is won by the character or team that has the highest dice value plus the attack or defense number from their character card. Pizza is collected throughout the game by advancing on your Showdown track or moving to a corresponding spaced on the board. Pizza tokens can be eaten...errr... used to take an immediately extra turn. 

The game has few potential win criteria: 1) the game board is filled with map tiles which teams' compare Showdown tracks 2) the Turtles win if they are able to get three Allys back to their home tile 3) a team wins immediately if they read 10 on their Showdown track. 


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If you are fan of TMNT, you will find comfort in this game. This game is quite simple to play with simple tile and movement turn mechanics. Showdowns come down to the luckiest roller which can be a bit frustrating for the strategic player. Each character is given a a choice between 2 special powers which does give a bit of variety to each game play. 

Our group did not particularly love this game but that doesn't mean it isn't the right fit for you. I would recommend this game for the die hard fan that can appreciate a light game or young Turtle fans out there that loves to play games. 


  • fairly quick game play

  • easy to learn and play

  • light mechanics


  • more luck than strategy involved

  • some components are not the best quality


Gateway Game Score: 6/10
Overall Rating: 5/10

Review by Pizza Loving Annamous