Noises at Night Board Game

Publisher: B&B Games Studio
Players: 2-4
Duration on box: 10 - 20 minutes
Age recommended on box: 8+
Time to learn: 5 minutes
Price: $19


Game Description/Gameplay 

This quick social deduction games is sure to make the everyone think about their opponent next move. Five location cards are dealt to the middle of the table. Two of eight character tokens are placed on each location except the bathroom (who would want to be stuck in the bathroom!) Each player is dealt a secret identity face down which is kept secret. Players take a minute to visually find the symbol on their card and find what location their player token is located on. Players are dealt four clue cards. Each clue card has one of four symbols on it. Two characters share a symbol that is outlined on a guide card. On each turn, players will lay two cards, either face up or face down, in any location. If a card has an action listed on it, it is carried out immediately. Next the action on the location card is carried out. Play moves to the next player. After each player has taken a turn by laying two cards on the table, player have the opportunity to guess their opponents secret identity. If guessed correctly, the guesser gains points based on the round number, if guessed incorrectly, the person being guessed is awarded the points. You are not required to guess and no points are gained or subtracted for simply passing. After the guessing phase, the timer is moved down one spot and event card is turned over. The event card affects the next round in some way, no guessing penalty etc... Play continues until the timer reaches zero.

There are three ways to gain points throughout the game. One is by guessing your opponents secret identity. The other two main ways  are gained at the end of the game. The first is symbol scoring. One point is awarded per face up symbol that matches your character, whether played by you or your opponent. Face down cards are never turned face up (unless an action card allowed for this during game play) so when playing face down cards this must be considered. Players also gain points for their location. One point in awarded for every card, face up or face down, that is laid in your character location. After tally points, the player with the most points is the winner.



As a teacher and a mom, I love the thinking skills this game brings to the table. This game left my opponent, whether it be my husband, daughter or friend, thinking about each move that I made and vice versa. The game has beautiful art work that keeps everyone interested. My cat obsessed daughter couldn't get enough. The cards were simple to understand and carry out. 

Game play is pretty simple and easy to understand. It does require some reading so you need to be sure that all players can independently reading and understand the cards. This game was simple enough that my 9 year old daughter could play with a friend. Our group felt the level of difficulty was also varied depending on the number of players. With two players, each player can play their cards on their own side of each room. This allows for players to easily see what their opponent has laid and could help them deduce their opponents identity. When playing with 3 or 4 players, cards need to be stacked on the same side as an opponent. This makes it a bit more difficult to guess identities.

I would recommend this light deduction game for anyone that is looking to introduce or improve their deduction skills. It is fast and easy to understand while being great for school age kids through adults. It's also easy to bring anywhere because of it's wonderful small package. 



  • Small box
  • Light social deduction
  • Good for all ages (some reading required)


  • Playing with more than 2 can make the deduction more difficult

Gateway Game Score: 7/10
Overall Rating: 7/10

Review by Anonymous Annamous