Story Bowl Board Game Review

Game: Story Bowl
Price: $16

Players: 4-16
Duration: 30 minutes
Ages: 8+
Time to learn: 2 minutes

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Story Bowl Board Game Review

Story Bowl


Description/Game Play

Story Bowl is a lively game of actions and guessing in which players take turns trying to figure out each others clues, or "micro-stories". 

Players first write 3-word micro-stories, which are based on their prompt cards, onto slips of paper. The papers are then placed into a community bowl. Divide up into two teams, and put on your game faces!

Game play is divided into 3 rounds. Each round ends once the story bowl is empty (all stories have been guessed). Round 1: Players may speak to give clues. Round 2: Players may act to give clues, but cannot speak. Round 3: Players may speak one single word to get their team to guess the entire story they have drawn. 

After Round 3, the team that has guessed the most micro-stories over the course of the three rounds wins the game.

Story Bowl


Story Bowl is a great party game, in the same vain as Charades: big actions, little set up, lots of laughs. This is the type of game we all played at camps or (supervised) high school gatherings; that managed to pull the silly out of even the most serious of personalities. With the help of the prompt cards, Nonstop Tabletop had a blast traveling down memory lane to create these goofy little stories. Are the cards necessary? No. You could absolutely play this game without the prompts. But, they prevent those awkward minutes where players look around the room trying to come up with inspiration as to what they should write.

If this game sounds familiar, you're not alone. Many moons ago, some of us played a nearly identical game by the name of Salad Bowl. For that, all players placed names of celebrities on slips of paper and placed the names into a bowl. Round 1: use actions and/or words to help your team guess each celebrity. Round 2: use only words. Round 3: use only actions. We loved the game as Salad Bowl, and we love it as Story Bowl.

It puts the "bowl" in Story Bowl. Time to find out what's in store for us tonight!

It puts the "bowl" in Story Bowl. Time to find out what's in store for us tonight!


  • Silly fun, great for a large group
  • Little setup, no table required
  • Family friendly
  • Or, not so family friendly. It is what you make it!


  • None. This game is great! It's not a heavy board game with depth and strategy. It's a light, fun party game. We love it for what it is!

Gateway Game Score: 10/10
Overall Rating: 9/10

This review of Story Bowl was written by May Begaming, who is thankfully past the baby puke stage of life.