Ink Monsters Board Game Review

Game: Ink Monsters
Designer: Daryl Andrews, Erica Bouyouris
Price: $19

Players: 2-6 Players
Duration: 20-30 minutes
Age: 6+
Time to Learn: 5 minutes

Ink Monsters Board Game Review

Ink Monsters


Ink Monsters is a fast and simple card game. Players use a magic pen to bring drawn monsters to life by moving a pen around a circle of twelve monsters. Players move the pen and take the monster they land on. Then they play out the effects on the monster card. Some monsters bring positive gain while others are negatives. Players needs to strategize to gain points and set their opponents up for failure.

Ink Monsters

Game Play

Game play is fast and simple. Players play three rounds. Three cards are dealt to each person. You play an action card that moves the magic pen around a circle of twelve monsters. When the pen stops you collect the monster and apply the effect of the card. Some cards have an immediate effect while others have deeper strategy and play out at the end of the game. Some monsters deal positive effects, some negative and some are both. After the twelve monsters are drawn, players gather their monsters. Cards are dealt again and another round is played in the same way. After three rounds, players gather all of their monster cards and count their total. The highest score wins the game.

Ink Monsters


Ink Monsters is a great family friendly gateway game! Gameplay is fast and easy and keeps everyone on their toes. Our family loved the monster art and design of cards. While game play was fast and easy, we (the parents) dislike the score keeping a bit. With fewer players, it became quite tedious to count the score because of the way many cards interact with other cards. However, it wasn’t enough to detour us from multiple plays filled with laughter! After including more friends, also discovered that scoring become easier with more players because you had fewer cards to count. It also gave the kids good practice counting their score and learning how to score cards that counted multiple times. Overall this was a cute family friendly game that I would recommend having on hand for when the sleepovers, family get togethers and really just some good ole’ family chillaxin’.

Gateway Game Score: 8/10
Overall Rating: 7/10


  • Adorable monsters
  • Easy to learn
  • Great practice counting (I’m a teacher at heart!)
  • Scoring is easier with more players


  • Score counting might be beyond 6 years old

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