Cooking Rumble Board Game Review

Game: Cooking Rumble
Designer: Emilio Gerardo Estrada Lucero
Price: $8

Players: 2 Players
Duration: 5-10 minutes
Age: 6+
Time to Learn: 5 minutes

Cooking Rumble Board Game Review

Cooking Rumble


Cooking Rumble is a fast-paced 2-player game in which players fight to earn the Master Chef title. The best Master Chef will win the culinary competition.

Game Play

Each player is dealt one set of ingredient cards (4 cards: yellow, green, red and purple). Tokens are put in equal reach of players on the table. Each player is also given a set of wild ingredient tokens to use. The recipe cards are shuffled and the top 3 are drawn face up in the center of the table. Recipe cards show three ingredients needed on each side of the card. Players compete to fill the three ingredients the fastest to score the points on the card. The first player to earn six points wins the game and becomes Master Chef. Each recipe has a different point value.

Each turn has three basic steps. First, the active player chooses one of the first of three ingredients on a recipe. They put the matching card from their hand facedown on the table. If more than one of their three choices are the same ingredient, the active player can use a wild token to change the ingredient to something different. Next, their opponent attempts to guess which ingredient they picked. If they guess correctly, they get to put a token on any first available ingredient on their side of the recipe card. If they guess incorrectly, the active player gets to cover their chosen ingredient with a token on their side of the recipe card. Last, if a recipe was completed, the tokens are returned to the center pile and wild tokens are returned to their owner. A new recipe card is turned face up. Play continues until one player is named Master Chef by earning six recipe points.



My family couldn’t get enough of this fast-paced go anywhere game. There is something about attempting to read your opponents mind that is exciting and addictive. We loved that we could pick up Cooking Rumle on a whim and play anywhere in a short amount of time. While I would say this game is best played with a kid, I am shocked at how much fun my husband and I had playing. 


  • Fast paced and easy to learn
  • Very portable
  • Great for all ages


  • Might make you hungry
  • May be too light for adults only

Gateway Game Score: 8/10
Overall Rating: 8/10

Board Game Review by Master Chef Annamous