OK Play Board Game Review

Publisher: Big Potato
Price: $14.99

Players: 2-4
Duration on box: not provided by publisher, 5-10 minutes in our experience
Age recommended on box: 8+
Time to learn: 2 minutes

OK Play Board Game Review

OK Play Game

Game Description/Gameplay

This simple five-in-a-row game is so easy to learn the rules are pretty much explained only in pictures. They might all be in pictures, but because the game has no way to store the rules I have managed to lose them. No matter, because the simplicity of the game makes it impossible to forget how to play, and if I did, there is always Google. 

Played with two four players, each player takes a turn placing one of their colored tiles on the table. There is no board and no restriction on how you place the tile as long as the pieces are placed diagonally or orthogonally. The first player to get five tiles in a row wins. If all players run out of their tiles before a winner is declared, they then take turns moving one piece at a time.  

Depending on the number of players, you will face different challenges in a game.  If you are playing with three or four players, you may get stuck using one of your pieces to block another player’s move because the previous player did not do it. It could be a risky move, however, to skip blocking someone to further your game. The next player might miss the need to block and you have inadvertently set someone else up to win. You could communicate with other players, but we decided not to when we play.  

OK Play Game


One of the Mini-Fifi’s “Top 3” games. OK Play is simple, quick and fun, and it's great for both children and adults. You can take it anywhere from the cafe, to the pool, to the grandparents.  


  • Portable, play anywhere and with anyone

  • Fun!

  • Well constructed game and pieces.


  • The rules are not clear on how to reposition your pieces after each player as played all of theirs. Can you leave tiles placed illegally? We decided “no.”

Gateway Game Score: 10/10

Overall Rating: 8/10 (Mini-Fifi’s score: 8.5/10)

 This OK Play review was written by Fifi McFluffin