Crazier Eights: Avalon | Board Game Review

Publisher: James Wallace Gray
Price: $10

Players: 2-3
Duration on box: 10 - 20 minutes
Age recommended on box: 13+
Time to learn: 5 minutes

Crazier Eights: Avalon | Board Game Review

Game Description/Gameplay

Crazier Eights

What happens when you mix a fantasy-themed game with a new twist on Crazy Eights? Things tend to get a little crazier. Crazier Eights: Avalon can either be played as a stand-alone card game or shuffled into the larger deck of Camelot, also by James Wallace Gray.  

Crazier Eights: Avalon takes Crazy Eights to the next level. Each player begins with seven, yes seven, cards and take turns drawing and discarding to match rank and suit. The first player to discard all their cards wins. Have no fear, it is not that simple. In addition to rank and suit, each card has an asset or an event. During their turn, players can first play an asset or an event card prior to discarding. Assets are played in front of the player who controls them and stay in play while they are still on the table. Events have an immediate effect and are discarded at the bottom of the discard pile so as not to change the discard suit and rank. The asset and event cards are where things can get tricky. Do you play the best asset or event card in your hand or save it because it is the only one you can discard at the time?  

Crazier Eights


This game offers some surprising twists. Just when you think you have it in the bag, your opponent makes you draw more cards. Or someone plays the Round Table card and all players’ hands are shuffled together and redealt. You can play assets which allow you to destroy other assets on the table and assets to block such a move. It does take some time to learn each of the cards and their abilities. When playing for the first time or two, players have to stop and read the text on each card and the game proceeds slower than one would like; however once players have a good grasp on each of the card’s abilities, play speeds up and this is a quick, fast moving filler game you will want to bring to your table. You may pre-order Crazier Eights: Avalon and find detailed rules and explanations at The publisher and designer, James Gray, is clearly passionate about his game, dedicated to the hobby and invested in making sure his games provide a fun and unique player experience.    


  • Cool illustrations
  • A fun, new, strategic twist on an old game

  • Two player aid cards which is always appreciated.  


  • The game does not actually use “eight” cards. This was a serious source of confusion, especially since the instructions referred to what to do with eights. A quick message to the publisher cleared up the confusion and we were able to play following the rest of the outlined rules. Note: Eights come into play when the game is combined with Camelot.

Gateway Game Score: 6/10
Overall Rating: 7/10

Crazier Eights was reviewed by Fifi McFluffins