You Bet-Cha Board Game Review

Publisher: Gray Matters Games
Game by: Joe Barron
Illustrations by: Luis Diez
Board Game Type: Party Game
Price: $35

Players: 2-6
Duration: 20-30 minutes
Age recommended on box: 13+
Time to learn: 5 minutes

You Bet-Cha Board Game Review

I'll see your geeky knowledge and raise you some useless trivia facts!

I'll see your geeky knowledge and raise you some useless trivia facts!

Game Description/Gameplay

The Urban Dictionary offers the following as one translation for you betcha: “You sound like you know more than I do.” And, oh how this rang true when I played this game. If you asked me to name 10 states with two words in the name, could I do it right now? You betcha. Could I do it during the game?  The answer is not “You betcha.” The answer is I went down in flames and lost some (play) money to boot. You however, are probably smarter than me, so if trivia trips your trigger and you enjoy a light-hearted gamble, You Bet-Cha, a party/trivia board game which was just funded on Kickstarter, is the game for you.  

How much useless information is stored in your brain? Don't know? Gamble on it!

How much useless information is stored in your brain? Don't know? Gamble on it!

Even my husband, who is not usually drawn to trivia games, got into this one. The promise of gambling and sports questions drew him in, and the game did not disappoint. Each round starts with an ante up from each player as they add a $1 chip to the pot. From there, the dice are rolled to determine the type of bet and the category for the round.  

Categories include “Paparazzi”, which tests your mettle on all things pop culture. If you are a movie buff and/or music lover, this is where you will shine. Then you have a “Globetrotter” category for the armchair geographer; “Jocks” for the sports enthusiast, and Know-It-Alls, a category with a random smattering of general trivia. This is where you can prove your superiority for knowing Muppet characters or Santa’s reindeer.  

Depending on your roll, betting for each round will either be a silent bet, live bet, or all play. In the silent bet mode, players record how many answers to the subject they think they can answer correctly and then reveal their numbers all at the same time. The player who bet the highest amount of answers puts that amount into the pot and plays the round.

Sexiest Man Alive and Member of the Fellowship of the Ring? Gandalf! One sexy mofo.

Sexiest Man Alive and Member of the Fellowship of the Ring? Gandalf! One sexy mofo.

During live bets, players announce out loud how many answers they can get right, again with the highest bet playing. In this round you can raise each other’s bets. In either of these play modes, if highest bidder cannot live up to their own hype, the remaining players get to split the pot. If the highest bidder gets all the correct answers they predicted, they get their chips back, plus an equal amount from the bank.  

Finally, in All Play mode, all players write down as many correct answers as they can, earning a $1 chip for each correct answer. The player who has the most correct answers collects the pot.  


Easy to learn, teach and play this game is a nice addition to your gaming collection if you like trivia.  It adds a new spin on the genre with the addition of betting.  Are you really ready to put your (play) money where your mouth is?  Or, use real money if you are brave.  Just know I’m not playing with you then!

If you’d like to bring this one home, Grey Matters Games is collecting pre-orders now at IndieGoGo.  Not only do you get a fun game, but you can feel good about it too as 15% of all profits will go to help fund Alzheimer's research.


  • Easy to learn, teach and play
  • Appeals to to a wide range of people, including non-gamers
  • A new twist on trivia


  • Someone told me poker chips do not have denominations on them, but it would have helped me in this game.  I had to make my own cheat sheet to remember which color chip equated to each dollar amount.  We were playing a prototype copy, so this may change with the final game.    
  • The game provides small, branded dry erase boards for silent bets and writing  answers.  This is great in theory, but they were often hard to erase depending on the marker color.  

Gateway Game Score: 9/10
Overall Rating: 7/10

Review by Fifi, who made it through this entire article without a single Sarah Palin reference.

What do you think? Do you like mock gambling with your trivia games, or do you prefer to keep things simple, Trivial Pursuit style? Let us know in the comments below.

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