The Nonstoppy Award For Best Board Game Facebook Group Goes To...

Groups. They're like individuals, but in greater numbers. They share things. They leave commentary. They have opinions. Sometimes they're organized on social media sites. Some of them are pretty great. Here are a few.

The Nominees:

Board Game Reviewers

There are a lot of people who like to review board games. There are a lot of people who like to have their board games reviewed. It's kind of like a tabletop cross between a dating service and something you learned about in Econ class. And it's a beautiful thing.

Board Game Spotlight

Providing a steady stream of Board Game posts, links and features, Board Game Spotlight is possibly the most efficient way to stay in the know about board games on a daily basis. Choices border on the obscure, but if you're enough of a Tabletop Addict to be reading this article, that's probably exactly what you're looking for.

Board Game Exposure

It's small. Small, but fierce. Board Game Exposure is like the Little Engine That Could of Board Game Facebook sites. A group that started out small and grew faster than it expected, we see big things coming for this group of passionate hobbyists.

Nonstoppy Runner Up:

The Boardgame Group

If Board Game Exposure is The Little Engine That Could, then The Boardgame Group is an 800-pound Tabletop gorilla on steroids. This group is epic in scope and epic in content, with just about everything you could ever want or need on the subject of tabletop. Plus, they give away lots of free stuff!

And The Nonstoppy For Best Board Game Facebook Group Goes To...

Board Game Revolution Group

Now these guys ooze ambition. This is the place to go for discussion, engagement and a bit of edginess in your Board Game social media feed. They aren't the biggest, but they have the most heart. A big, well-deserved congrats to Board Game Revolution Group as the Nonstoppy winner for Best Board Game Facebook Group.

Stay tuned tomorrow for our final Nonstoppy of the year for Best Board Game Review Website. It's the one you've been waiting for.

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Who did we leave out? Share your favorite group in the comments below and we'll all go check them out.