Sushi Go! Board Game Review


Sushi Go!: A bento box of spicy sashimi. And Cards.

Sushi Go!: A bento box of spicy sashimi. And Cards.

Game: Sushi Go! (2013)
Publisher: Gamewright
Game by: Phil-Walker-Harding
Illustrations by: Nan Rangsima
Board Game Type: Party Game
Price: $8.99

Players: 2-5
Duration: 15 minutes
Age recommended on box: 8+
Time to learn: 5-10 minutes

Sushi Go Board Game Review

Game Description

Even if you aren’t the type who finds sushi delicious, this game manages to make even the kiddos crave some sashimi. Fast-paced and played with a reliance on strategy, luck and a dash of wasabi hope, Sushi Go! is an enjoyable game for the whole family.   

Your first challenge is determining your initial strategy. Will you go for big points by trying to collect 3 sashimi cards, will you try to rack up points by hoarding dumpling cards, or will you play the long game by attempting to collect the most pudding cards? As the game progress will you be able to predict when your strategy is failing and change course? Or maybe you're just feeling a tad spiteful (your husband didn’t unload the dishwasher - again) so you decide to hold a sashimi you don’t need, just so you he can’t get it and earn the 10 points (remember, There Are No Spouses In Board Games).   

Each pass of the cards keeps hope alive. Will the player to your right pass you the card you need to complete your sushi feast? Or will you be left empty handed and dessert-less after 3 quick rounds of Sushi Go! play?

Don't miss your turn by staring at the menu.

Don't miss your turn by staring at the menu.


Depending on the number of players in your game, each player is dealt a select number of cards featuring different sushi characters. You select your first sushi card and lay it face up in front of you.  Then everyone passes their cards to the left, selecting their next card from their new options, before passing the deck on. Each pass give you less choice as you try to build your own sushi bar worth the most points.

Just like binging on real sushi, one isn’t usually enough in this addictive game. You will earn the most points by collecting multiples of each card type. Wasabi cards may be collected to increase your nigiri card points. And here is an important tip! Don't forget your dessert. At the end of the third round, the player with the most pudding card collects extra points, while the player with the least must subtract from their total. Pudding cards have made or lost games in our house! Much like skipping dessert in real life, it just isn’t worth it.

When all the cards have been played, points are totaled and the next round begins. After three rounds, all the points are totaled and the winner is crowned.

Note: In another eerie parallel to my real life, the chopsticks seemed to make things more difficult. We couldn’t quite figure out how to play with them, so we ditched the chopstick cards. The game played fine without them.  

Anyone craving Sushi?

Anyone craving Sushi?


Simple to learn and play, Sushi Go! is a fast and fun card game allowing the kiddos to practice strategic thinking and understand probability, yet still exciting enough to hold the an adult’s attention. Easy to find, we purchased this game at our local grocery store. Or it is currently selling on Amazon for less than $11.00. Sushi Go! has been a welcome addition to our family game collection.


  • Easy for the younger kids to understand and play, yet still enough strategy involved to entertain adults.

  • In its own little bento box, Sushi Go! is compact, portable and quick. This makes it is easy to take along to family gatherings or even dinner out.


  • If a player is too much of a strategic thinker they might take too much time to make a decision before passing.  This can cause the game to get hung up and annoy faster players.  Looking at you Mom.

  • Although suited for younger kids, they are easily outmatched in game strategy by the adults. Even though they have fun playing, the kiddos might get frustrated. Or maybe I just have a whiney kid.   

Gateway Game Score (What's This?) 10/10
Overall Score: 8/10

Review by Fifi. Fifi laughs at your puny, useless chopsticks!

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