Crazier Eights: Camelot | Board Game Review

Publisher: James Wallace Gray
Price: $10

Players: 2-3
Duration on box: 10 - 20 minutes
Age recommended on box: 13+
Time to learn: 5 minutes

Game Description/Gameplay 

Crazier Eights: Camelot is a fantasy themed card game set in the world of King Author.  A new twist on the tried and true game, Crazy Eights, this card game will have you coming back for more as each card has it's own special ability. Each turn gives you an opportunity for strategic decision as you may choose which cards to play in front of you for it's special ability and which card to discard if you can. A full overview of the rules can be found in our previous review of Crazier Eight: Avalon which may be combined with this stand alone version. 

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A fun, fast-paced filler game, Crazier Eights: Camelot was a hit at our table. It has been years since any of us had played the Crazy Eights of our childhood, and this game takes things to the next level. With a good deal of strategy, decisions to make and frequently opportunities to screw over your opponents, we thoroughly enjoyed our game plays.  

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  • Cool illustrations
  • A fun, new, strategic twist on an old game

  • Quick and portable - another great option to toss in your purse for a game anywhere you may be


  • There is quite a bit of "take-that" in this game. If you are turned off by this mechanic, you will want to skip this one. 

Gateway Game Score: 6/10
Overall Rating: 7/10

Crazier Eights was reviewed by Fifi McFluffins.