Torres Board Game Review

Game: Torres
Game Designer: Wolfgang Kramer and Michael Kiesling
Graphic Designer: Sam Barlin
Art: Michael Menzel
Produced by: IDW Games and Hutch! & friends
Price: $49.99

Players: 2-4
Duration: 60 minutes
Age: 10+


Game Play/Description

Torres is a game about rebuilding a city and rebuilding an empire! This game is played over three phases or years which are divided into smaller portions referred to as seasons. At the beginning of each year, players receives pieces to build their castle. The number of castle pieces depends on the number of players in the game and the year. Players then spend five action points through various actions. These actions cost between zero and two action points and affect the castle growth, knight movement or victory point accumulation. After each year is played out, the year is scored. Players keep score around the edge of the board. Points are scored in every castle that you have a knight on. Bonus points are gained by sharing the castle with the King. The game is won by scoring the most victory points after three years. 



A strategy game worthy of becoming a classic, Torres was an instant hit within our group. From the 9 year old to the nearly 40 year old, we couldn't get enough! Anyone who likes Bunny Kingdom, Santorini, or even Chess should get their hands on this delightfully sneaky castle building game. The game offered great options when spending your victory points. You always felt like you had choices to make that were critical to the game play. 

We preferred this game in a three or four player capacity vs a two player capacity. There was more interaction between players in a three or four player game. When playing with two players, each player could build on their own side of the board without having to interact much with the other player. We all know the only way to play a great game is to ruffle your opponents feathers a bit!


  • Building a castle is great!
  • Plays better with 3 or 4 players... in our opinion


  • The crease on the board. This game does so much right, but that dang crease made our pieces fall on multiple occasions. It also made an interesting Leaning Tower of Lasagna. (Apologies for the dad-pun. We think the castle pieces look like lasagna noodles. Piza. Lasagna. Play the game. You'll think we're funny once you see it for yourselves.)
  • Lack of Action Point track on the board. We thought this would have been helpful, though using our fingers to keep track was usually sufficient.

Gateway Game Score: 8/10
Overall Game Score: 10/10