Initiative Board Game Magazine

Are you looking to get the latest and greatest in the board game community? INITIATIVE is sure to cover your area of interest. This magazine covers a variety of topics for a variety of leveled game interest. Each issue are reoccurring areas such as Gaming News, Kickstarter Roundup, Out of the Box and Terrain Building to name a few. 


Gaming News shares what is entering the board game world. If you had your eye on a Kickstarter you just couldn't pull the trigger to back, then this area will let you know when it's out on the market! Speaking of Kickstarter, Kickstarter Roundup will give the skinny on the newest Kickstarters out there. There is a bit of information about selected games and a staff pick so you can decide where to put your money!

There are other portions of the magazine that focus on building your own terrain pieces to amp up your favorite game play. Great visuals and shared insights will definitely get your creative mind flowing. If you are interested in painting miniatures, there will be an article or two for you as well. Step by step tutorials with pictures are shared so you can see exactly what to do. 


INITIATIVE Magazine has a bit of something for everyone. You'll be able to stay up to date on what is being released, what is being funded, building and painting and so much more.