kinder perfect: a timeout for parents - board game review

Game: kinder perfect: a timeout for parents
Publisher: Kinderperfect LLC
Price: $24

Players: 4+
Duration: 30 minutes
Ages: 17+
Time to Learn: 2 minutes kid is perfect too kid is perfect too

Description/Game Play

Okay, let's get this part out of the way. This game mimics another well known, well-loved (or hated depending on which camp you pitch your tent in) game. I won't mention the other game's name, but it's initials are Cards Against Humanity. Don't like that joke? Blame my elementary school P.E. Teacher, Mr. Russell. 

If you are in the CAH "hate it" camp, don't run just yet. If you also happen to be a parent, and you realize raising these kids take a regular dose of humor, you might end up liking this game. You know, because it is hilarious.  


The game plays just like CAH. Each round the "Parent" reads aloud a Red Card. It might read, "Please don't put ______ in your mouth." or "Our perfect family evening was ruined by_____." All other players play one of their 10 White Cards which might say something like, "A poop mural," or "A sippy cup full of curdled milk." The Parent picks their favorite, the player of the card gets a point, and play rotates clockwise. 

Now just like parenting, this game is not for the faint of heart. Some cards do have a twisted or dirty sense of humor, but none of the vaguely racist crap like CAH. Just good old-fashioned sex jokes and a lot of poop talk. 

You know you hate it too

You know you hate it too


This game is funny. Now you probably need to be a parent to fully appreciate it's beauty, but if you are, and you have any sense of humor, you should enjoy it. My only complaint is that while the base game includes 400 cards, if you play frequently, you'll go through these pretty quickly. However, a card included says they are developing expansions are even invite your card ideas! 



  • Tear inducing hilarity may ensue
  • Totally relatable for parents


  • More cards would be nice. If you play a lot you will want to explore expansions. 

Gateway Game Score: 10/10
Overall Score: 9/10

Fifi is a good mom. At least that is what she tells herself.