Stick Figure Fighters Board Game Review

Game: Stick Figure Fighters
Publisher: Broken Archer
Designer:  Chris Cummings
Price: Unavailable

Players: 2-8
Duration: 30-60 Minutes
Age: 10+
Time to Learn: 5 minutes

Stick Figure Fighters Board Game Review

Stick Figure Fighters


In Stick Figure Fighters, players equip their stick figures with weapons, armor and stick cards to become the greatest Stick Figure Fighter of all time! You must battle other players to the death using the greatest attack power in hopes they have little defense against you. 

Game Play

Gameplay is fast and simple. Players begin by choosing the meanest Stick Figure Fighter. The first player deals each player three stick cards, in which players can immediately equip their fighters if able. On your turn, you draw one new card from the deck or the top discard card if it's an appealing weapon or armor. You can add or remove abilities from your stick figure. Then you choose your battle by picking one opponent that still has Stick Points. Each player begins with twenty five Stick Points and dies when they get to zero points. During a battle, each player rolls the number of die indicated by their weapons and armor, with a minimum of one die. The highest roller is the winner. The defeated must subtract the difference of the dice rolled from their Stick Point total. The last Stick Figure Fighter standing is the winner.



Grab your high heels, magic staff, lightning armor and get ready to fight; Stick Figure Fighters is a rumble to remember! Our group had a great time playing this game. Play was pretty straightforward and easy to understand. The game seems to have a lot of luck involved with the dice rolling aspect, but there is a bit strategy involved with playing weapons, armor and finding the best time to play an action card. Our only draw backs were the first players out just had to sit and wait until the round was done. We also found that a player could become quite power and almost invincible by using a few of the action cards together. Overall, this was a great game with a bigger group!


  • Accommodates 8 players
  • Fast & easy to learn
  • You get to fight... with stick figures


  • First stick fighters out has to wait until the game is over
  • May be a bit unbalanced as a some stick cards played together can leave you invincible! 

Gateway Game Score: 5/10
Overall Rating: 7/10

- Board Game Review by Stick Figure Annamous