Robots: Battle for the Coal Heart | Board Game Review

Game: Robots: Battle for the Coal Heart
Publisher: Sherwood Games
Designer: Duncan Davis
Price: $50

Players: 3-6
Duration: 30-90 minutes
Age: 9+
Time to Learn: 5 minutes

Robots: Battle for the Coal Heart

My robot arm is pointier and spinnier than your robot arm.

My robot arm is pointier and spinnier than your robot arm.


Robots: Battle for the Coal Heart is a family friendly game in which players power up their robots to become the most powerful robot of all. The world is amidst an energy crisis that would abolish robots from the world. The robots must battle for the one artifact that can save their existence… the Coal Heart! Each player battles as one of the last robots fighting for the coal heart.

Game play

Robots: Battle for the Coal Heart

Each player chooses one of six robots, and takes a few select resources, which can later be used to buy robot parts. The starting player begins by choosing one of six hexes. Each hex is an action type; mine, upgrade, fight, gear, capture, and scavenge. The starting player, along with every other player gets to complete the action (except for the capture and scavenge action). The active player also gets to complete an extra perk that only benefits the starting player. Play continues for multiple rounds and players build up their own robot while attacking other players. When players become broken, they struggle to deal significant damage and heal. They must capture the coal heart before other robots ravage the area.


If you crave world domination, this game is for you! You must strategically plot your moves to become better than everyone else. One of the best aspects of this game is that everyone completes an action at the same time. It leaves everyone engaged and ready for the next move. It also makes players stay on edge and re-strategize with every action taken. Heart points become ever so important as battles take place and robots battle against others. I would recommend this game for family fun. There is something about this game that feels more family friendly than a play with friends game. It’s great because even younger ones stay engaged but is balanced enough that adults enjoy the game as well.

Gateway Game Score: 7/10
Overall Rating: 7/10

-        Board Game Review by Executioner Annamous