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Nonstop Tabletop is the most fun board game blog, resource, news and reviews page on the web. You'll find resources for games from the biggest publishers to up-and-coming Kickstarter developers, all in one place.

Nonstop Tabletop is a project born from a deep love of board games stemming from childhood sessions of games like Monopoly, Sorry!, Chinese Checkers and countless others. Upon entering adulthood, a small group of friends grew to love gathering, sitting by the pool, drinking craft beers and playing long sessions of Pandemic Legacy, Secret Hitler and King of Tokyo.

Think of Nonstop Tabletop as your go-to resource for "hardcore casual" board game content. We start somewhere deeper than Monopoly or Apples to Apples, but stop somewhere short of Dungeons and Dragons or hardcore table top RPGs and strategy games. We specialize in gateway games that you could teach to your friends who haven't played a game since childhood.

Most of all, Nonstop Tabletop is committed to helping you weed through the thousands of games out there to find the games that are worth spending your hard earned cash and time playing, while serving up a huge heap of awesome board game features and content. Dust of your shelf and get ready for some fun.



All photos on this site were taken by Let's Review Board Games team members, usually while deep in competition for temporary personal glory.